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Registration Forms

These forms can be downloaded and then brought in at the time of your visit. Just click on one of the links (Adobe Acrobat PDF) and print.

Please fill out forms to their entirety with Blue Ink.

Palm Beach Dermatology Registration Form
Download Registration Form Here
Notice of Privacy Practice for the HIPAA law.
Download HIPAA Notice Form
Notice of Privacy Practice Authorization Form
Download Privacy Practice Authorization Form
For Patients of Dr. Oren Lifshitz
We recommend you fill out additional forms before you visit the office.
Click here to view Dr. Lifshitz's forms.

Important Office Policies

Insurance And Financial Policies

As responsible health care providers, we try to hold down costs whenever possible, but not at the expense of our patients. We welcome Medicare and those managed care programs that allow us to provide the quality of care our patients deserve. In these difficult and rapidly changing times for health care delivery, please be aware that not all physicians participate in all plans. You are encouraged to check the status of your physician's participation prior to making an appointment. Our office staff is pleased to help you with insurance and Medicare questions. If you have questions about your financial responsibility for medical charges please contact the office manager prior to scheduling an appointment.

Telephone Calls

All patients are encouraged to call with any questions that they may have on medical problems. However, it would be most unfair to our patients were the doctor to leave to answer every telephone call. Telephone consultations are the most common cause for a physician running behind schedule. We request that you use discretion when calling the office. Please furnish the secretary or assistant with all necessary information concerning the reason for your call. If the secretary needs to discuss the question with the doctor, your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Prescription Refills

Contact your pharmacist for all prescription refills. They will fill the prescription or contact the doctor's office for authorization. Prescription refills will be done only during regular office hours so that your chart may be reviewed. Some medications cannot be refilled without an office visit and medications cannot be refilled for more than one year from the date of your last visit.

Office Hours

In order to accommodate all our patients' needs, each office location has slightly different office hours. We make every effort to honor all time commitments and request that you extend the same courtesy to us. Unfortunately patients do not become ill on schedule and unusually complicated problems and emergencies do arise: hence delays in schedules are inevitable. We ask that other members of the family not be “worked in” at the time of your appointment. We sincerely attempt to adhere to our schedule and we ask that you please be patient when unavoidable delays occur. Remember that some day the medical emergency could be a member of your family and you will expect to receive prompt medical care. If it is necessary to change or cancel an appointment please provide at least one day's notice. This is especially important for patients who are scheduled for surgery or special procedures.

Emergency Care

Call the physician's office for all emergencies at any time. The receptionist or answering service will advise the doctor of your situation and your call will be returned as soon as possible. If the emergency is extreme or you cannot wait for a return phone call, please go directly to the hospital emergency room. They will contact the doctor for instructions.

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