Sowmya Kishor MD, Patric McPoland MD, Bridgit Nolan, MD, Daniel Sokoloff MD

Our West Palm Beach office is centrally located near I-95 and 45th Street, just east of Congress Avenue, serving West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas. View the above map to find our location, or click here to view the map on Google on your iPhone.


The physicians at Palm Beach Dermatology strive to provide the highest quality medical, surgical and cosmetic skin care for you and your family. We believe in developing lifelong relationships with our patients while providing you with care and services you can trust as your needs change over the course of your lifetime. Our Board Certified Dermatologists are skilled healthcare professionals and specialize in a wide variety of dermatology services including:

-Full-body skin exams for skin cancers, suspicious moles (nevi), and other lesions.

-Diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of rashes and skin conditions including psoriasis, acne, eczema, rosacea, etc. This includes evaluation of hair and nail problems as well.

-Pediatric dermatology

-Cosmetic and anti-aging treatments including chemical peels, Botox, fillers (Juvaderm and Restylane), and lasers (hair removal, brown spots, red veins).

Our services vary by provider, so please call our office to inquire which provider will best suit your needs.

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4475 Medical Center Way, Suite 2
West Palm Beach, FL 33407
Phone: (561) 863-1000

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Physicians at this Location

Sowmya I. Kishor, MD
General Dermatology

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Patric C. McPoland, MD
General Dermatology

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Bridgit Nolan, MD
General & Cosmetic Dermatology

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Daniel O. Sokoloff, MD
General Dermatology

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Caren Waintraub, MD

Caren Waintraub, MD
General & Cosmetic Dermatology

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Patient Reviews

To my wonderful Doctor! I just couldn’t wait 6 months to tell you what I think of you! You are friendly, kind, gentle, soft spoken, and you don’t want me to hurt! You’re special and…..You Really Care!!! Thank You For You!
Marilyn T.

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